​​​Southwest Jewish Congress 

Alexandria Owens presenting check to Ann Whaley with March of Dimes

Mary Evans Sias, Ph.D.

Marsha Williamson, Courtney Underwood, Debbie Dennis

Keo Strull and Byron Sanders Donation in honor of Byron presented to ​Big Thought

Cindy Ray Yablonksy and Quynh Chau Stone

Barbara Glazer

Susie Avnery and Don Hooton, Sr. Donation in honor of Don to Taylor Hooton Foundation

Courtney Underwood & Friends

Grant Recipients: Adapative Training Foundation, Restoring Hope Ministries, Heart House, For Oak Cliff, the Source of Hope

SWJC teamed up with the Texas Leadership Forum & Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson's Office to collect donated items to help Human Trafficking Victims in the DFW area.  The donation drive was also done in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency’s National Take Back program.  

Ann Kahn, Grover Billhart & Donna C. Pierce

Susie Avnery and Julie Quaid Donation in honor of Chad Houser to Cafe Momentum

The Mel Meyers Family

Featured Speaker Ricky Jimmerson, Bonton Farms



May 16, 2019

L-R Dr. Madeline J.A. Thomas, Nelda Golden,

Brenda Jackson, Dr. Jocelyn Kidd - Donation  to the

Dallas Chapter of The Links, Inc. in honor of Dr. Thomas

Stan Levenson


Family & Friends.

Anh Vo and Family

Linda Garner, Zeck Lieberman, Ethel Zale

Lynn Towery

Human Trafficking: A Look Inside

Rosie Stromberg, Trini Garza

2019 Honorees

Thank you to our panelists: A Trafficked Survivor, Mosaic Family Services , Restored Hope Ministries and Law Enforcement for taking time from your busy schedules to address our audience. 

Sex Trafficking Victim Indicators     Labor Trafficking Victim Indicators     Labor Trafficking Workplace Indicators 

Debbie Dennis

Giles Davidson

Harriet Booth,

Angela Morgan &  Cindy Ray

2018 SWJC

50/50 Program Donations

Councilman Adam McGough & Tevar Watson

Working Together

Tevar and Tameka Watson and Family

Cindy Ray & Quynh Chau Stone

Esha Kothapalli

Brenda Jackson and Susie Salfield Avnery

Courtney Underwood & Brooks

Michelle Shriro

Garza Friend, Trini Garza,

Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia,

Grace McDermott

Larry & Susan Goldstein

Harry Ploss

L-R Susan Myers, Sejal Desai, Lenita Dunlap, Susie Avnery

Donation to Heart House in honor of Sejal Desai.

Scott Butnick