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Coping in a War Zone

Children in Israel are being taught a physically and mentally therapeutic song that helps them cope with the stress of repeated missile alert sirens, followed by the explosions.  

Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Israel is committed to preventing a humanitarian crisis for Gaza's civilians. While Hamas continues its terrorist actions, the IDF continues to transfer goods to Palestinians in Gaza. On August 3, the IDF transferred 186 truckloads of food, medical supplies, fuel and other goods into Gaza via the Kerem Shalom border crossing.

Israel: Small but Outstanding

Terror in School

A metaphor for the Hamas-Israel War, this cartoon provides an explanation in simple terms. 

A Word From Israel to the World

In times like now, Israelis see the negative comments about them in the world media (and social media in particular), and can’t understand it. This well produced short video expresses the feelings of many Israelis today, as they once again have to deal, alone, with hundreds of rockets launched against their tiny country by Hamas from Gaza. 

The Middle East Problem

The Middle East conflict is framed as one of the most complex problems in the world. But, in reality, it's very simple. As Dennis Prager explains, this is really all you need to know. In 5 minutes, understand how Israel was founded, and how, since that auspicious day in 1948, its neighbors have tried to destroy it, again and again.

Why can't Israel Withdraw to '67 Borders?

Israel, in any future agreement with the Palestinians, has a critical need for defensible borders. This video outlines the threats to Israel from terrorist rockets, ballistic missiles, and conventional ground and air threats from the east.

Great in Uniform

The program has been operating in different forms since the sixties - when a handicapped soldier won a High Court of Justice landmark decision that every Israeli has a constitutional and moral right to volunteer, wear the uniform, and serve in the IDF. They ruled that it was the IDf’s role to find them a suitable, safe, dignified and fulfilling role, amongst other soldiers in a non-combat unit, according to their abilities and needs – even if it’s for only a few hours a day.

Israel: Small but Outstanding

Israel, a small country of outstanding beauty, is so many different things:  It is a bridge between Africa, Asia & Europe, It has pulsating urban life, breathtaking nature, an abundance of plant & animal species, Thousands of years of fascinating history, a rainbow of cultures and traditions. Israel offers an energizing experience with a vibrant cultural scene, and is proud to be an innovative leader in science & High-Tech.Sounds too much? You'll believe it when you see it.

A Message to College Students

Britain's former armed forces commander in Afghanistan exposes the double standards in the treatment of Israel during the recent Gaza conflict.

10 Myths Preventing Peace

The Israeli Palestinian conflict is an often misunderstood political battleground where facts are mixed with opinion, perference, and prejudice. What issues are actually standing in the way of bringing peace between the Israelis and Palestinians? How does their fight over land complicate the conflict? These are questions we uncover in these 10 myths that are preventing peace in Palestine and Israel.

The Lesson We Never Learned

This is a powerful speech in English that Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid gave in Germany on the fatal risk of ignoring the sheer evil Islamist Jihadi movements (like Hamas) that threaten the world today. 

Islamic State are afraid to see women with guns' - BBC News

In Kurdish areas of northern Syria, fighters have been battling Islamic State - or ISIS - for two years - and unlike Iraq's kurdish forces, they get no help from the west. Gabriel Gatehouse has been northern Syria to meet some of those taking on the jihadists.