​​​Southwest Jewish Congress 

Delighted to Doula's mission is to reduce or eliminate infant mortality especially among women of color by providing breastfeeding education and services. This grant will allow them to purchase 10 breast pumps.

Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation provides a variety of educational services for the Vickery Meadow community. The Grant will provide funding for a 9-week Parents Advocating for Student Excellence program for up to 40 parents in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood.

At our June 12, 2023 Annual we were pleased to again offer grants to local nonprofits, thus enabling them to accomplish their goals. 

Thank you to our Grant Committee Chair, 

Michelle Shriro and committee members: 

Susie Salfield Avnery, Pearl Garza Fracchia, 

Marla Greenberg Janco, Rosie Stromberg, 

Lynn Towery and Susan Turner.

Cure Glaucoma Foundation operates a clinic in South Dallas for glaucoma patients who have been unable to receive care with a treatment path that prevents vision loss and permanent disability. The grant will be used by the foundation to provide patients with access to care and patient education to prevent blindness and loss of vision.

The Dallas Chapter of The Links Foundation, Incorporated seeks to close the educational gap for young women of color seeking to enter the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM) fields. The grant will enable the organization to support a new Coding Cohort within the STEAM Academy in cooperation with Bold Idea – leading small group sessions, introducing participants to coding.



Texas Ramp Project - This organization provides wheel chair ramps for the homes of low income people who cannot afford one - recruiting community volunteers from churches, synagogues, corporations and teen groups. Without a ramp, the individuals need to be physically lifted out of their homes by EMS or family members. This grant will allow the organization to buy the raw materials for building ramps.

Community Lifeline Center - 

This organization's mission is to assist families in crisis in North Collin County. The Grant will provide support costs for food, rent and utility assistance to such individuals and families through One Month Away and Mobile Food Distribution.

Dallas Mexican American Historical League – This organization focuses on preservation efforts concerning the Hispanic community in Dallas.  This grant will allow them to record the stories of Mexican American Dallas elders before they are lost forever by conducting video interviews which will be incorporated into a documentary.