​​​Southwest Jewish Congress 

with Brittany K. Barnett


6:00 pm Reception & 7:00 pm Program

Tuesday, 4/9/2024 (IN PERSON)

Saturday, April 20, 2pm at the DHHRM: A commemorative event honoring the victims of the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis.

Thirty years after the Genocide Against the Tutsis in Rwanda devastated the country, destroying homes and communities, survivors will join us to recount their experiences and remember those that perished.

This program is free, but guests must purchase admission if they would like to tour the Museum.

Rule of Law: A Knock At Midnight

As the Nazis attacked and occupied countries across Europe, they looted cultural and religious items and pilfered property from Jewish communities. By the end of the war, the Reich had carried out one of the greatest mass thefts in human history. Much of this stolen property was trapped behind the Iron Curtain, out of reach to those who sought to restore it to Jewish survivors and their heirs. The World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) was founded in 1992 to pursue restitution of these materials, as many former communist countries have yet to return this property to its original owners or their heirs, or to offer compensation for these losses. Mark Weitzman, chief operating officer of the WJRO, joins us to discuss the ongoing fight for Holocaust restitution in Central and Eastern Europe and his work to make this happen through advocacy and negotiation.  

Partnering with the  Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

What Was Once Lost:

The Fight for Holocaust Restitution

Wednesday, April 3 at 7 p.m.

In Person at the Museum | Free.

Around the globe, the United States consistently ranks as having one of the highest incarceration rates per capita. This mass imprisonment rate is coupled with lengthy sentences for nonviolent offenses, inhumane prison conditions, and little access to resources on readjusting to life outside prison. Join us for a discussion with Brittany K. Barnett about our country's view of human rights through the lens of the criminal justice system and what changes can be implemented to better serve formerly incarcerated individuals and their families. 

Spring Break Survivor Speaker Series

Monday, March 11 – Friday, March 15   -   1:00 p.m.   -   Free   -   In person + Virtual

Join us to hear the testimonies of Holocaust Survivors, Refugees, and Hidden Children,

as well as Second Generation Survivors.  There is no cost to attend this event, but registration is required.