​​​Southwest Jewish Congress 

            SWJC Building Bridges Grant Initiative

    We are happy to announce we will continue our Grant iInitiative
    again in 2020.  Contact the SWJC office for a grant application.
    Call 214-361-0018 or email susan@swjc.org.



SWJC Statement June 2020

In light of current and past tragedies and inequalities present in our society, Southwest Jewish Congress stands with those who are in pain and those who are willing to make constructive changes.

The relevant parts of the Mission of SWJC, which the Board of Directors will continue to follow, are:
  • to provide quality educational programs and events that support the United States Constitution and human rights, and
  • to honor those who have significantly contributed to the advancement of our society, culture and lives.

SWJC programs and events will continue to stress engagement of multiple points of view. It is our hope that we can continue to inspire individuals to act positively and compassionately.

As individual Board members, we will continue to work with groups that seek to improve governmental and civic systems and educate their official representatives. We will continue to reject ideas that project hatred of race, religion, ethnicity or gender and/or diminishment of others different from ourselves in our society.

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Founded: 2009

Founding Chair: Harry Ploss

Members: 500+

Areas Served: North Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

Signature Events:

  • Educational Programming offered FREE to the community
  • Texas Sized Event featuring the Audrey Kaplan Inspiring Women of the Southwest (IWSW) & the Stan Golden Men of Action Awards (MOA)
  • Flame of Honor Awards Dinner (FOH)

SWJC Profile

Our Mission

​​Southwest Jewish Congress, a stand-alone Texas 501(c)(3) organization.

With membership open to everyone, the diversity, leadership and passion of the Board strengthens its ability to reach our main goal: to build bridges throughout the community.

This important goal is made possible by celebrating exceptional volunteers, providing free educational programs and launching the newest endeavor, a grant project. These are the mainstays of this lean, grass-roots, no-frills, decisive group. Here are a few examples:

  • Annual selection and recognition of exceptional community volunteers from many disciplines, including young adults – our future leaders – at the Texas Sized Event.
  • Complimentary programs, which have included international speakers such as New York Times best-selling author Edwin Black; Dr. Daniela Gleizer from the University of Mexico; professors from Hebrew University and Technion; author and journalist, Alexis Clark; and presentations on human trafficking, Crypto-Jews, the F-35 and its delivery to Israel, and the inspirational story of Bonton Farms in South Dallas.
  • Building Bridges Grant Initiative, awarding a combined $10,000 to five local non-profits who provide services to injured veterans, refugee children, sexually assaulted women, atrisk youth and the homeless.

In 2013, SWJC provided assistance to pass legislation establishing American Indian Heritage Day in Texas, the first formal recognition of American Indians in the state.

At our May 2019 event, we combined the Annual Meeting, grant presentations, and the reunion of past and incoming honorees. The evening was uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. Over 150 attended, representing diverse ethnicities, generations and faiths. All networked, celebrated and built bridges - strengthening the larger DFW community - now and in the future. 

Southwest Jewish Congress (SWJC) is a membership organization open to all that welcomes diversity and builds bridges throughout our community.

We provide quality educational programs and events:

  • supporting US Constitutional and human rights;
  • regarding Jewish culture and history;
  • promoting Israel and its role in the world; and
  • honoring those who have significantly contributed to the advancement of our society, culture and lives

Who We Are